America’s Casino Courts

America’s Casino Courts

Oct. 12, 2013

Have you ever gone into a casino and wondered why a few people would hit the jackpot while most go home with their pockets emptied?  A few win big, or maybe just win small.  Playing the slots, we hear the jingle of coins dumping out and suddenly have renewed hope that…someday we may win big too.  So, we keep on playing…

We keep going back, thinking, this time, we might finally win big.  Meanwhile, the house is raking in the dough.

Our American court system appears to work this way.  The full story is known only to a select group of “insiders” while the rest of us are clueless.

We go to court – or, more likely, are pulled into court – to find ourselves in an occult world of legal terms, where only attorneys know the secret meanings. As an attorney argues our case, we discover that we’re being nailed in some way we never saw coming.  We leave the building scratching our heads, and wonder whatever in the world just took place?

Aside from the usual appearances, the courts may be operating as a mirage with a hidden purpose: to get our data (name, social security number, etc.) with that data then used in some nefarious way, along with the assigned case number.  How does this work?  Only the best code-breakers can see it…because it’s playing out behind the looking glass.

It may work something like this:  A case is established, given a number, and our personal data is entered into the case…and then the mischief may begin.

While a case plays out in the public, there may be action taking place in the private….on the other side of the looking glass…where we cannot see it.  Remember Alice and the looking glass?

What used to be a place of respect – where Lady Justice ruled wearing a blindfold – may now be a façade for all intents and purposes, where actors put on a performance “as if” justice is being done, but the real action may be playing out on the other side of the mirror where only ‘insiders’ benefit.

Who may be cashing in?  That’s not entirely clear, but it appears that certain Public officials who have taken an oath to “support the Constitution” may be involved….they are in a position of trust, and have access to things the rest of us can’t access. This racket, if it is truly going on, can be a very profitable gaming system. Making such an accusation is dangerous, so let’s keep an open mind…after we dig a little deeper into this, you the readers can make your own determination.


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