Seeing the Numbers Racket…

Seeing the Numbers Racket

Oct. 16, 2013

(Please read this blog starting with the earliest post…the ones at the bottom…so you will see the flow of information in order…Thanks.)

Do you want a sample of what a numbers racket looks like?

Okay, let’s go to the website which, by all appearances, says it’s operating as a records database for Indiana…for court cases in particular, although the site also talks about other records.

You can see data boxes on the landing page.  See where it says “Search by Name”?  Then there’s a box for, “last name, first name.”  Most would assume this data-box would only accept letters, right?   Well, let’s try something else.

First, a little background.  Court cases are numbered sequentially staring with “one”, and when a new year starts, the numbering starts over for that year.  So, in most types of cases (civil, criminal, family, etc.) the case numbers for that case-type usually go no higher than three digits within the year as a general rule – not all, but most. So, to try to make sense of this, let’s say you take the last three digits in a court case and then put a zero in front.  It’s not exactly clear about how this thing works, but let’s just assume it might be based on court case numbers…..and, don’t try to make sense of it at this point.  The objective is to just get a flavor of what this massive database  holds.

So, in the “Search by Name” box, put the number 0345 as a teaser, because that number happens to produce a lot of data..  Then, ignore the county drop-down box, and click “Search.”

What do you see?  A massive list of numbers.  The blue links on the left won’t work unless you subscribe to the site, so it’s not possible to go deeper here. Do you see at the top where it says, “More than 1000 results found, showing first 1000”?  When you scroll through the list and reach the bottom, you can’t find a link to get to the next list of 1000.  It is a sea of numbers and we can only wonder what the heck is going on here.

Notice the column that says “Name” and what is listed underneath is only numbers with eight digits, the first four digits all being 0345 and the second four digits increasing in size with some running consecutively and others skipping several numbers.

There’s a Birth Date column that appears to be empty, but I’ve heard that some of these columns may have hidden data in them that can only be seen by those who have access…kind of like disappearing ink.

The next column says “Role.” Well, what the heck is that?  It’s filled with the words “Tax Warrant Number” down the list. Notice that in the “Type” column, they all list “Civil.”  The “Status” column shows all of them “Closed” with the “File Date” and “Disp. Date” having the same date in both columns.

Isn’t this the most curious display of data you’ve ever seen?  It makes no sense, especially since at the top, it says: “FULL NAME: 0345.”  Is a number a name?  What exactly is being displayed here?  And, why?  We will be looking into this and bringing more of the story as it unfolds.

If you want to look at more lists, just change the last three numbers, but keep the zero for the first number or you won’t get anything. Also try longer numbers, keeping the first zero – that works too.

Some of the pages will have green links on the far right. Those open up to display names and birth years and some show types of cases.  This has to be the most bizarre database ever seen.

Okay, what is a Tax Warrant anyway?  Look it up.  A warrant is a payment.  And, most people think of “tax” as something we pay.  But, the reverse side is that it can be a payment TO you.   A tax can go either way:  to or from.  So, let’s just say these are evidence of some financial transactions – we don’t know who, what, where, or why at this point….it is just evidence of “activity.”

This blog will be digging deeper into the story, sharing more as the story unfolds.  The one who discovered the information on this site deserves credit for having the eyes to see, and for making it public information. Her story will need a separate entry, because it is so rich and amazing.  Sometimes, someone is there at the right time and place, and is given a mission out of the blue, and that’s what appears to have happened here… it was the right time (to expose this) and she was at the right place..only .the angels really know.

So, play around with this site. To be continued….


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