Seeing the Numbers Racket

Oct. 16, 2013

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Do you want a sample of what a numbers racket looks like?

Okay, let’s go to the website which, by all appearances, says it’s operating as a records database for Indiana…for court cases in particular, although the site also talks about other records.

You can see data boxes on the landing page.  See where it says “Search by Name”?  Then there’s a box for, “last name, first name.”  Most would assume this data-box would only accept letters, right?   Well, let’s try something else.

First, a little background.  Court cases are numbered sequentially staring with “one”, and when a new year starts, the numbering starts over for that year.  So, in most types of cases (civil, criminal, family, etc.) the case numbers for that case-type usually go no higher than three digits within the year as a general rule – not all, but most. So, to try to make sense of this, let’s say you take the last three digits in a court case and then put a zero in front.  It’s not exactly clear about how this thing works, but let’s just assume it might be based on court case numbers…..and, don’t try to make sense of it at this point.  The objective is to just get a flavor of what this massive database  holds.

So, in the “Search by Name” box, put the number 0345 as a teaser, because that number happens to produce a lot of data..  Then, ignore the county drop-down box, and click “Search.”

What do you see?  A massive list of numbers.  The blue links on the left won’t work unless you subscribe to the site, so it’s not possible to go deeper here. Do you see at the top where it says, “More than 1000 results found, showing first 1000”?  When you scroll through the list and reach the bottom, you can’t find a link to get to the next list of 1000.  It is a sea of numbers and we can only wonder what the heck is going on here.

Notice the column that says “Name” and what is listed underneath is only numbers with eight digits, the first four digits all being 0345 and the second four digits increasing in size with some running consecutively and others skipping several numbers.

There’s a Birth Date column that appears to be empty, but I’ve heard that some of these columns may have hidden data in them that can only be seen by those who have access…kind of like disappearing ink.

The next column says “Role.” Well, what the heck is that?  It’s filled with the words “Tax Warrant Number” down the list. Notice that in the “Type” column, they all list “Civil.”  The “Status” column shows all of them “Closed” with the “File Date” and “Disp. Date” having the same date in both columns.

Isn’t this the most curious display of data you’ve ever seen?  It makes no sense, especially since at the top, it says: “FULL NAME: 0345.”  Is a number a name?  What exactly is being displayed here?  And, why?  We will be looking into this and bringing more of the story as it unfolds.

If you want to look at more lists, just change the last three numbers, but keep the zero for the first number or you won’t get anything. Also try longer numbers, keeping the first zero – that works too.

Some of the pages will have green links on the far right. Those open up to display names and birth years and some show types of cases.  This has to be the most bizarre database ever seen.

Okay, what is a Tax Warrant anyway?  Look it up.  A warrant is a payment.  And, most people think of “tax” as something we pay.  But, the reverse side is that it can be a payment TO you.   A tax can go either way:  to or from.  So, let’s just say these are evidence of some financial transactions – we don’t know who, what, where, or why at this point….it is just evidence of “activity.”

This blog will be digging deeper into the story, sharing more as the story unfolds.  The one who discovered the information on this site deserves credit for having the eyes to see, and for making it public information. Her story will need a separate entry, because it is so rich and amazing.  Sometimes, someone is there at the right time and place, and is given a mission out of the blue, and that’s what appears to have happened here… it was the right time (to expose this) and she was at the right place..only .the angels really know.

So, play around with this site. To be continued….


It’s all about consent….

Oct. 13, 2013

(Please read this blog starting with the earliest post…the ones at the bottom…so you will see the flow of information in order…Thanks.)

We go into a casino on our own volition. No one forces us. We go to play and win. It’s voluntary. Keep that in mind because, the same principle applies (according to the government’s view) when we go to court.

It’s important to see this part of the picture, since the story devolves onto this concept…the ‘consent’ of the governed.

We use the court system… because some one has filed a case against us or, we, ourselves have filed a case…it’s voluntary. When we show up in court to answer a complaint, we are “consenting” to their jurisdiction, in other words, we ‘volunteer’ into the system.

Consenting to the jurisdiction includes providing court officials with information: name, SS#, birth date, etc.  We place ourselves ‘within’ their system, and ask for the ‘benefits’ they offer – to be adjudicated – or judged – hoping for some simple justice. They take our data (IDs) as part of an intake process, and then enter it into their court database, which is typically run by a third-party provider – a private company that most likely is not accountable to Open Records laws or does not have to adhere to governmental “rules.” We have freely offered  our private information and it is then given to whomever is operating the database. We voluntarily, and innocently, provide them with our commercial identity.

So, it is OUR FAULT for whatever then transpires….we freely offered all our private information. And, even though the court system has supposedly established  rules to hide our social security numbers, this ban was not in place for the paper files, and some of the clerks had to go back into the files and delete this data from the records. Remember when a carbon copy credit card receipt showed your full credit card number?  Same thing with the early court data. Some one finally made a rule to keep certain things private – but not all.  Even now, in criminal cases, the full birth date is shown on the public record.  Even with this protection, any one with access to internal databases can find this information, such as those in law enforcement through drivers license records. It’s all there…for those that have access.

Once again, if what we’re talking about is a massive numbers racket, it’s convenient that most of our data is in the form of numbers: SS#, date of birth, case number, loan amounts, tax parcel numbers….. The system is awash in numbers.

Some say to ‘get off the grid’ and that would mean expunging all numbers connected with us…not an easy task since the numbering system starts from the time we are born when we are given a Birth Certificate with a number and soon after, a social security number….and, again, this is something which almost all parents do proudly….’voluntarily.’

Some say the Birth Certificate has a good purpose – to establish our nationality and, some say the Certificate is even given a ‘value’ when it is deposited with the state……only the insiders truly know what takes place when we are registered.

When this country declared a financial emergency in 1933, the monetary system – federal reserve notes -would no longer be backed by precious metals.  There had to be a replacement and some say it then became ‘the people’… all that we own and even our productive value.  They called it “Full Faith and Credit” – a vague term that cannot be easily quantified, since its meaning is slippery depending on who you ask.  The gold and silver standard backing the money gradually did disappear, and only by reading the Congressional Records from that time period, will you be able to understand the  changes being implemented and who was supporting or resisting them…and why. This discussion may eventually tell more about that piece of history, but for now, it’s back to the story on the numbers racket.  Stay tuned…

America’s Casino Courts

Oct. 12, 2013

Have you ever gone into a casino and wondered why a few people would hit the jackpot while most go home with their pockets emptied?  A few win big, or maybe just win small.  Playing the slots, we hear the jingle of coins dumping out and suddenly have renewed hope that…someday we may win big too.  So, we keep on playing…

We keep going back, thinking, this time, we might finally win big.  Meanwhile, the house is raking in the dough.

Our American court system appears to work this way.  The full story is known only to a select group of “insiders” while the rest of us are clueless.

We go to court – or, more likely, are pulled into court – to find ourselves in an occult world of legal terms, where only attorneys know the secret meanings. As an attorney argues our case, we discover that we’re being nailed in some way we never saw coming.  We leave the building scratching our heads, and wonder whatever in the world just took place?

Aside from the usual appearances, the courts may be operating as a mirage with a hidden purpose: to get our data (name, social security number, etc.) with that data then used in some nefarious way, along with the assigned case number.  How does this work?  Only the best code-breakers can see it…because it’s playing out behind the looking glass.

It may work something like this:  A case is established, given a number, and our personal data is entered into the case…and then the mischief may begin.

While a case plays out in the public, there may be action taking place in the private….on the other side of the looking glass…where we cannot see it.  Remember Alice and the looking glass?

What used to be a place of respect – where Lady Justice ruled wearing a blindfold – may now be a façade for all intents and purposes, where actors put on a performance “as if” justice is being done, but the real action may be playing out on the other side of the mirror where only ‘insiders’ benefit.

Who may be cashing in?  That’s not entirely clear, but it appears that certain Public officials who have taken an oath to “support the Constitution” may be involved….they are in a position of trust, and have access to things the rest of us can’t access. This racket, if it is truly going on, can be a very profitable gaming system. Making such an accusation is dangerous, so let’s keep an open mind…after we dig a little deeper into this, you the readers can make your own determination.

A cancer is spreading throughout the land, eating out our substance.  This blog purports that, one of the sources is the court system, which operates mostly as a stage with actors, when its primary purpose may be far more sinister. When we are pulled into court to answer a complaint, we offer our identity that then, may be stolen and used for financial gain.  How does this work?  That is the purpose of this blog….